Our nations

3rd Leading Cause of Death & Disability isn't a Disease, it's 

Medical/Dental Harm



Kindred Journeys

A collection of creative works expressing personal Medical/Dental harm thru artistic expression and perspective.


Look for Chronic: Art with a voice on social media

In 2012 I was in a terrifying car accident. Injured from head to toe, with no knowledge of how to address the situation, I went with the first lawyer I found and inevitably lost out on my settlement, leaving me permanently damaged with no long-term care. 

Since then it has been a series of falls and concussions and surgeries. Beginning January 2020 I have been experiencing Trigeminal Neuralgia and Occipital Neuralgia symptoms 24/7. 

The constant pain sent me into a deep dark depression where I was contemplating just "ending it" but realized I needed to release this negative energy and thoughts into something productive instead. So I painted. My Chronic Pain paintings have received such a meaningful response from those also suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia pain that I am planning on publishing a Trigeminal Neuralgia picture book. I hope my artwork will be a voice for those with this horrible invisible illness. 

- Brandi Lucas  2021

The artwork was created by a 5 year old girl we'll call Amelia who lost her religious exemption and family had to leave the state in search of medical freedom. In the drawing you see her crying that she has to leave her home but she says her fairy godmother is always there to protect her!

The Mind Of A Surgeon

A personal and powerful poem of medical harm. This writing is riveting and revealing from a patients point of view and her message, clear. Written by Felicia Mahmoud, patient of harm.

I get more bold and brazen. It started as just a little fabrication,

It started as a lack of motivation, it started as a negligent complication.

But now it’s progressed to control & domination.

Now it’s progressed to deliberate mutilation

Now it’s progressed to patient violation


I do surgery on a diagnosis I misrepresent 

My procedures are NOT LEGITIMATE

The young age heals up just fine 


Added incisions you don’t need

There’s not a cure for doctor greed 

Once the patient has passed along

From the surgery I botched that went terribly wrong

The operating report will say the surgery was “flawless”

The autopsy report will say from NATURAL CAUSES

Be careful before you let us take you under our wing 

White coat entitlement is a real thing

You see the public all “white coat worshipping?" 

If you knew the truth you’d be puking

Take the words of Martin Luther king 

Inequality and injustice in healthcare is the most shocking

Surgery might be an art I've mastered.

But that doesn’t change the fact I’m a corrupt evil bastard

Even if your procedure was performed flawlessly 

That doesn’t mean I acted honestly

Would it matter if it was performed without flaw 

If you didn’t NEED the procedure at all?

Open up ur eyes & peer through the mask of disguise 

Behind the surgical mask are the snake eyes

Behind the WHITE COAT are the bad guys

Behind the operating door patients are brutalized

Behind the hospital door patients are dehumanized

In the operating report are wicked lies

- Felicia Mahmoud 2020

The poetry of Like Shattered Glass tells a story. It is a hearts-eye-view of the anguish and torture that a mother endures. If you have experienced such a loss, this book will show you that someone else really does understand. Like Shattered Glass is nothing less than the autopsy of a human soul.


Honoring the hidden hero's of healthcare. Healthcare advocate Sasha Lauren puts her thoughts in poetic style, as she shares her journey in advocacy.

(I wrote this for three women I know)

Here's to the heroes
who speak through their pain;
they witness for others
with no personal gain.
A few speak in harmony,
some zigzag, others plain.
They are in it to the end,
on the increase, not the wane.

Here's to the heroes,
reluctant as they are,
they travel by plane,
talk by phone,
arrive tired by car.
Some reside close,
while others live far;
all challenge the virtues
of the California medical czar.

The opponent is delusional
about the dismal statistics they boost
without a thought to the fact
that complaints UNFILED rank most.
So many deaths on their hands,
meetings are packed tight with ghosts;
our heroes make sure to end
the board's self congratulatory toasts.

Here's to the heroes,
the tenacious, the few,
the pateint, the pained,
they know exactly what to do.
Their research educates those
who haven't a clue;

Here's to the heroes
and by them, I mean you.

S. Lauren, February 1, 2020

Proactive in raising awareness on behalf of his wife, Brian Kinney offers his artistic take on their personal interaction with psychotropic drugs. Brian says...

"After years of trying to assess my wife's medical issues...we found several problems were iatrogenically induced including brain drugs like benzodiazipines."

Terra Dawn Kilby
April 22, 1978 - July 21, 2006
An Angel In Our Lives




As we lie within our beds,
Streaming tears are always shed.
This occurs each evening and night,
Waiting for dawn's first light.


Thoughts of you are all around,
With many restless nights abound.
Awaking each morning I still dread,
Wishing and hoping I was dead.


Your sister and you were very tight;
Continuing on is quite a fight.
Loneliness, emptiness brings us down,
No peace as yet--- have we found?


Teardrops fall upon the pillowcase,
With memories of you, a beautiful face.
A mother's love forever there,
heartweighted down with such despair.


Terra, we see you most every day,
In our minds and hearts, to forever stay.

Fourfamily heartsinfull embrace,
Will eventually meet in a higher place.


People pass by us -- so unaware--,
It’s like we are playing solitaire.
Our tearful lives in such disarray,
But loving you won't fade away.


Love Always,


Over 25 children participated in the Dream Little Dreamer "Inspire a Nation, Save a Child" project. The track, Guardian Angel "Raven's Song", originally written and produced by Michael "Magnedo7" Crawford and his wife Shameia Crawford in memory of little Raven Maria Blanco, is dedicated to all of the world's lost little angels. It is now available to purchase on several music outlets including iTunes: Guardian Angel -- "Raven's Song" This version of the song was produced by Alisha "M'jestie" Brooks, Courtney Beard "The Bodega" and Paul Arnold "The Bodega" and the video was Directed by Kory Smith of Visually Inklined.

Narrated by Tilda Swinton, Netherworld reveals the dark story of how prescription pills fragmented a bright and creative young mind. This powerful short film from award-winning director Kevin P Miller exposes the tragic story of one girl's experience with psychiatric drugs such as Prozac and Zoloft.

Thank You Kristina Gehrki for supporting the movement of awareness regarding psychiatric drugs and for allowing us to share your daughters memory here.

Stain On My Soul

A Reflection of Dental Abuse

It all came from your signature
Your choice to allow it

They came upon me with malice
Tied me down with great cruelty
A punishment undeserved
I am helpless
In great despair
Stabbed in the back

Not just once but several times
You let them throw me in bondage
Threaten to have them do it again
I buried it down to save myself
From the harm you didn’t protect me from

The damage is done
The stain that resides deep in my soul
An open wound that will never mend in this life
No amount of amends can ever suture it

You justify it was “perfectly legal” or “for your own good”
Newsflash legal does not mean moral
Compassion took a back seat
You knew better
You have no excuses
Did you ever consider the price of your poor decision making?

Feelings mixed like a swirling storm inside
Where do we go from here?
What is the right thing to do?
Will you see the light?
Will you then see the stain that is on your own soul?'

- Kayla Joyce

Ty and Carole's lost their son Niles, from a hospital acquired infection at age 15. Nile's parents have worked tirelessly on getting public reports on hospital acquired infections in California and with the CDC.

Nile’s Project is a coalition of Nile's Friends, Entertainers, Musicians, Artists and other Coalitions all in one accord, to end unnecessary deaths from Sepsis, MRSA, Staph, C.diff , VRE, and other Hospital Acquired and community acquired Infections. They are devoted to ending the suffering and preventable deaths through education and public awareness.

Visit there website here: http://www.nilesproject.com/

My Head On Cobalt - Medical Device Deceptions

Sandra Scott

"Collateral damage....that is how people are viewed....how many people are living debilitating, sick lives with high levels of heavy metals causing neurological damage, cardiac problems, renal failure, and destroyed muscle, bone and ligaments....loss of vision .....if they never get their metal levels checked, each of these life threatening illnesses are viewed as general decline or dementia...treated independent of the joint causing the whole picture of illness.
I still cannot understand how metal parts can just be placed in the human body not approved by the FDA and protected from liability in the law enacted to,protect these companies yet, there is a laundry list of EPA safety regulations for our cars ....unbelievable to use people as guinea pigs ....taking advantage of people in great pain by promising them a pain free mobile life....what are the accurate not skewed statistics for a problem free, painfree, revision free, infection free joint for it’s predicted life of 10+ years....of course, there must be a wide range of what might be considered problems at certain ages of patients, but I really cannot find much positivity....people are putting up with pain, stiffness, fear of impending infection, dislocation , metal toxicity , immune system rejection....and multiple revisions and constant worry....it’s all good for a time ....then it seems to go very bad many times......even if people claim they are doing well after 5-0 years , what lurks around the next corner of life? Continued success or an infection or revision out the blue ....I never was a gambler and this exactly is what it is."--by Sandra Scott

The more aware, the more that we're afraid,
For those still in the matrix and the prices to be paid.
The lies, the deceptions, the lives left in despair,
Indoctrinated into a heartless profession, we now call Wealthcare.
Do No Harm was the basis of their humanitarian work,
How did healthcare become Wealthcare, that causes so much hurt.
Sold out on the promises, we can no longer believe.
To much confusion, they deliberately conceive.
Your ignorance a perfect ride, and their ticket in.
Once bitten twice shy, let the healing begin.
Speak up, speak out, leave no words unspoken,
We are the aware, the many, we are the chosen.
To become true survivors we need to change,
We must take back our system, from the seriously deranged.
We cannot continue down this road of despair,
We cannot allow a system to flourish without care.
Reducing health to promote wealth, is our danger indeed,
In a broken system that hides the shame, they will never concede.
We're a cash cow of ignorance, lining up at their doors,
Never a second thought about their dangerous allures.
So here lies our work and within each and every breath,
We need to raise awareness on our leading cause of death.
The reality of thousands we can no longer ignore,
The dangers of Wealthcare, by the high paid whores.
Your not a patient nor a name but rather just a number,
It doesn't matter your disease, or if you end up six feet under.
It's all about lining their back pockets, with your hard earned contributions,
This is what we call Wealthcare, our new misguided institution.

© Deanne Merchant
Reg # 37Sa3ceAocC2PnqN


Made with Love by Dianna Puente Colbert, this beautifully crafted, hand stitched quilt, was created in memory of those lost to Medical Error. Each square holds several hearts each, bearing the name of a lost loved one. We hope to one day see it placed where it belongs, in the Smithsonian Institute.

A song to all the children that are like me and had to go to his (Dr. Schneider) dental office and sit in that horrid chair and be "operated" on cause that's what it really felt like.

In March he lay me down to sleep
Then took my rib and neck to keep.
He promised any harm was slight,
Then cut me deeply with his knife.

When I awoke I could not breathe;
The pain like fire, it would not cease.
He told me I would soon improve,
But, I knew I was really screwed.

Into my room he crept one morn.
Abused me, treated me with scorn.
Forced to escape his evil reign,
I left with fierce and breathless pain.

When I got home I tried to sleep,
But woke from nightmares, breathless/weak.
I tried to walk like he prescribed,
With painful arm drooped by my side.

I don't know how I've stayed so long,
Perhaps his evil made me strong.
I try to live as best I can.
I think I've seen the worst of Man.

- Bobbie Jenke


A heartfelt writing of loss - in memory of Dr. Amy Reed

Is it "time" that is the thief? Is it "time" that is the murderer of hope, strength and beauty?

"Time" robs us of health, youth and life - does it not? But "time" also gives birth to beauty, resilience and strength.

So, No, it cannot be that “time" itself is the enemy. It is, rather, our "awareness of time" that commits treason against us - I believe.

It is our "awareness of time" that creates the spiritual jails most all people find themselves in at some point in a lifetime. Loss, anxiety, separation, greed, fear of death and grief are all the various jail cells created by our "awareness of time". In fact, I believe it may be the very potion the devil offered humankind in the garden of eden - this “awareness of time”.

Imagine, if we could accept our "awareness of time" as a conscious thing under our own control. Then we could break free of all the bars that constrict us... then we could actively step outside the confines of time.

The picture of Amy and I is from 2005, at her medical school graduation.

I look at it and feel the grief of an inconsolable loss in time - may it never find consolation there!

But then I actively and consciously suspend my "awareness of time". Then I catch a glimpse of those events and memories of my love, not as lost moments, but as the ever present rocks and recurrent flowers that make up a beautiful and resilient vista - full of all the angels and the love that surround me everyday. If only I could have the strength and courage to remain ever present to them by using my mind to blunt this weakness that my "awareness of time" brings....But easier said than done!

So, grief, be gone: for you are a creation and fruit of the enemy - I know you to be only an artifact of my choice to be "aware of time", when I think about my lovely wife.

Amy WAS, IS and WILL BE. Her children and I now live With Her, and In Her and Through Her - irrespective of you, my “AWARENESS OF TIME".

When that picture was taken, we lived and loved powerfully in time - unaware that we would one day have to live outside of time, as we must today.

Is it possible to turn tears of grief into tears of joy? Is it possible to stay forever in love without pain, without loss, without grief, with resilience? I believe it may be....If only we could consciously suspend our awareness of this thing we call "time". It can be done! It must be.

- Dr. Hooman Noorchashm

In Loving Memory of his loving Wife Dr. Amy Reed


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